Hung Gar Kung Fu

Hung Gar (also called Hung Kuen) is a traditional kung fu system. It is known among experts as the complete system that originated from Southern Shaolin. The founder is Hung Hey Gun. He was one of the top students of Chi Sim, the abbot of the South Shaolin Temple.

Hung Gar combines the techniques of the 5 animals (tiger, crane, snake, leopard and dragon) with the techniques of the 5 elements (earth, wood, fire, water and metal). The style combines the external with the internal through Hey-Gung breathing exercises and correct stances.

The traditional forms aim to harmonise body and mind, strengthen health and teach effective fighting applications.

Well-known Hung Gar forms include:

Gung Chi Fuk Fu Kuen (Tiger Conquering Form)

Fu Hok Seung Yiing Kuen (Tiger and Crane Form)

Ng Ying Kuen (5 Animals Form)

Tin Sin Kuen (Iron Wire Form)

Chi Mou Seung Do (Mother and Son Butterfly Swords)

Ng Long Ba Kwa Gwan (5th Brother Ba Kwa Stick)

Lau Gar Gwan (Lau family stick)

Probably the most famous Hung Kuen practitioner was the legendary Wong Fei Hung, famous for his kung fu and healing arts and lion dance. countless films and series have been made about his deeds.

Wong Fei Hung’s top disciple Lam Sai Wing brought Hung Gar to Hong Kong at the turn of the century. He wrote three books on the style.

Chan Hon Chung, who learned from Lam Sai Wing until his death, was the most sought-after exponent of the orthodox Hung Gar style thereafter.

Qi Gong

There is a weekly class at the school in Basel. The 8 silk pieces Shaolin Chi Kung form of Damo ( Bodhidharma ) is practiced, as well as the Shaolin Chi Kung form of Yap Cheng Hai.


The Lion Dance is an ancient Chinese tradition. For centuries it has been performed on festive occasions, such as Chinese New Year, business openings, weddings, etc. The lion dance brings good luck, success and drives away bad spirits.

The lion dance brings luck, success and drives away bad spirits.

It is mainly performed by Kung Fu schools. The important components in performing the Lion Dance, such as strength, balance and flexibility, grow from good Kung Fu training. Most of the basic Kung Fu stances/steps are used in the Lion Dance.

The Hung Kuen Kung Fu style is very famous in South China for its lion dance. Thus the legendary Hung Kuen master Wong Fei Hung was called “King of the Lion Dance”.

Thomas Bollag’s lion dance teacher is his Sifu James Uglow, who in turn learned from Lee Yun Fook. Lee Yun Fook is known in Hong Kong as “Mister Lion”.

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Thomas Bollag is long time student of Sifu James Uglow (London U.K.) in Switzerland and founder of the Hung Kuen Kung Fu Association Switzerland.

He went to London to learn authentic Hung Gar Kung Fu from Jim. Since his return to Switzerland, Thomas has been travelling regularly to London to train with Jim in the various aspects of traditional Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu (private & class instruction). During his stays in London, Thomas often takes the opportunity to train with his Sihing`s (elder Kung Fu brothers), who also stay with him in Switzerland from time to time.

James Uglow

James Uglow began his Hung Kuen training in London in 1978 until he moved to Hong Kong to learn from Chan Hon Chung. He spent many years under Master Chan’s care.

Since Jim’s Sifu passed away in 1991, he has continued his training with his elder Kung Fu brother (Si-hing) Kong Pui Wai.

Kong Pui Wai learned from Chan Hon Chung for many years and became his best student. He is the ‘Chairman’ of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association. Konf Pui Wai is one of the most respected Kung Fu masters of today.

James Uglow also learned authentic Chinese Lion Dance from his Si-hing Lee Yun Fook in Hong Kong. Mr. Lee is known in Hong Kong for his lion dance. He earned himself the nickname “Mr. Lion”.

Jim’s lion dance troupe (Essex Hung Kuen Lion Dance Team) is one of the best in England. The school regularly performs lion dances in the UK but also internationally.

James Uglow is:

  • Life Member of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association
  • Life Member of the Hung Fung Martial Arts Association Hong Kong
  • Life Member of the Kong Pui Wai Martial Arts Association Hong Kong
  • Life Member of the World Federation of Lion and Dragon Dance Association
  • Life Member of the International Chinese Physicians Association

Jim with his Sifu Chan Hon Chung

Jim with his older Kung Fu brother Kong Pui Wai

Lessons with Chan Hon Chung